The Veranda


For those who get to ICONSIAM by boat, after crossing River Park and entering the building, you will immediately come across The Veranda, the first food zone at ICONSIAM. Here, you will find 10 leading restaurants, as well as another 10 establishments with drinks, dessets and sweets. If you’re starving, a stop at this zone is sure to sate all your cravings.

Among the roster of of 10 restaurants, an establishment that has crossed the seas to open their first and only branch in Thailand is Jumbo Seafood, the no. 1 seafood restaurant from Singapore. They are here with all their signatures that taste just like the original, be it the Award-Winning Chili Crab, Golden Salted Egg Fish Skin, etc. If you’re a fan of seafood and Jumbo Seafood, you can head straight to ICONSIAM instead of having to fly all the way to Singapore.

Award-Winning Chili Crab
Golden Salted Egg Fish Skin

Move a bit further down from Jumbo Seafood and you’ll find Coffee Beans by Dao, a restaurant famed for both its savouries and cakes, such as fermented noodles with crab curry, shirmp pad Thai, pomelo salad, crab curry cake and cakes such as young coconut cake, vanilla crepe cake, Strawberry Baby Boom cake, etc. There are 3 dining zones with indoors on G and UG floors, while the outdoor zone offers views of The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features, the longest fountain dance in Asean.

Coffee Beans by Dao

Next door, you’ll find White Plate by Lobster and More. This premium seafood and grill restaurant, also with an outdoor seating area, has a concept of using only “white plates” in order to highlight the ingredients and its quality and freshness. It gives of Mediterranean undertones too.

Besides the various seafood sets, recommended menus into rib-eye wagyu steak from Australia, served with foie gras, uni and caviar. For those who want carbs, there’s also a spaghetti with uni and caviar too.

White Plate by Lobster and More

Moving along from White Plate is the Japanese restaurant Nippon Kai Market. Surely, something that everyone who has dined here before all mention is the “freshness” of the raw ingredients. Its only fitting that the name of the restaurant translates to “ocean of Japan.” The palate here follows an authentic Japanese one, where customers first choose their fish or seafood by themselves. It is ordered by grams and the chef will cook it according to your preferences.

A special menu not to be missed at Nippon Kai is Dynamite Mixed. There are many elements in just one bite: there’s a long piece of fish, kiwi for a refreshing zing, premium uni, etc. Those who love beef, do try Foie Gras Matsusaka Roll because the best of premium ingredients, foie gras and beef, come together here.

Nippon Kai Market

The Veranda also offers Western fare at D’Ark, where you’ll find an atmosphere just as pleasing because it is situated next to River Park with outdoor seating too. Thai food can be found at Taling Pling, which has long followed their philosophy until today of “Cooking Thai food that tastes authentic like what grandmother and grandfather used to eat” If you want to have some authentic Thai food that uses quality ingredients, Taling Pling is a destination that won’t disappoint.

Taling Pling

Another Thai restaurant that is a favorite among noodle lovers is Nuer Koo. Although the name and logo of this restaurant refers to beef, there are also pork noodles and pork rice dishes available for those who do not eat beef. This restaurant has always operated behind the belief that “The right nuer koo (soul mate) adds more flavour to life.” Here, 6 types of premium beef have been selected for their dishes, be it sirloin, rib-eye, wagyu, kobe, shoulder or under the rib. The “blanched beef” is a super hit menu to get you started, while appetizers you will love include the Fried guichai. Their special recipe makes sure the flour isn’t too thing and is sold day by day only to ensure freshness.

Nuer Koo

The 3 remaining restaurants include Spanish restaurant Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill, which serves Spanish fusion dishes such as Tom-Yum Paella that Thais should love, thanks to the spiciness of tomyum that gets a Spanish twist. Next door lies Hong Kong-style Chinese food by Zheng Dou Imperial Kitchen. This place is popular for their seafood dim sum that is cooked by a Chinese chef, as well as special menus available only at ICONSIAM that you won’t find at other branches of Zheng Dou, like the Snow fish steamed in XO sauce, abalone dumplings, stir-fried fish with butter and chilli, etc.

Tapas by Nan Charcoal Grill
Zheng Dou Imperial Kitchen

The last restaurant from The Veranda zone is The Hub Café and Eatery. This eatery gives a relaxing and shady atmosphere that gives off warm vibes with every visit. Besides a friendly service as if it were someone in your family, The Hub also emphasizes on quality in both the ingredients and in seasoning all dishes. Highlight menus like The Hub Spaghetti Khao Soi with Kung Sarong showcases a fusion spaghetti that brings khao soi and shrimps together. Pomelo salad is flavourful and can be enjoyed as both a main dish or appetizer.

The Hub Café and Eatery

In July, the top floor of The Hub Café and Eatery will welcome popular ramen restaurant Bankara Ramen, which is the first branch to be opened on this side of the river.

For desserts and drinks in the The Veranda zone, check out Stickhouse, Alom Dee, Ampersand, and popular bubble tea stores like Brix. For coffee with a distinctive taste, visit Red Diamond. You can find sweets at Bake Cheese Tart, Zakuzaku, Milch, TWG, Pang Cha, Sugar Pop and grab your premium juice boost at Fresh Bowl.

No matter what it is you want to eat from whichever cuisine, you can be sure to find it all at The Veranda, G Floor ICONSIAM.

Alom Dee