6th Floor

One of the most stunning dining zones at ICONSIAM is “Alangkarn” on the 6th floor. Comparable to The Paradise of Eatery, is it distinctly decorated to be eye-catching and to showcase the atmosphere of a Thai farm, which is considered the heart and culture behind Thai food. The Dining Pavilion follows interiors that are semi-hand-crafted, with 10 pavilions designed by 3 leading Thai artists. Dong - Pongsatat Uaiklang has created 5 pavilions out of metal and capitalized on the equipment of farmers. Korakot Aromdee, an artist with expertise with kites, designed 3 pavilions with inspiration coming from grains, which gave birth to pavilions of pumpkin, golden rice grains and huts by the rice fields. Lastly, Pin - Saruta Kiatparkpoom, an artist known for her works with metal, has created 2 pavilions with metal to illustrate silk cocoons and rice storing equipment.

Another highlight of the Alangkarn zone not to be missed is their 15-meter tall waterfall created by Ghesa Water & Art, the same creators behind The ICONIC Multimedia Water Features, which is the longest fountain dance in Asean. Its beautiful string of water brings to mind the magical rains from the heavens which have always fed Thais for a long and prosperous time.

You’ll find a comprehensive selection of restaurants on the 6th floor. There are 16 restaurants serving seafood, Thai food, Korean food, Japanese food, Indian food, etc. As for desserts, drinks and ice cream, there are another 12 eateries to choose from. Whatever style of food you like, you’ll be sure to find something that hits the spot on the 6th floor.

At the Dining Pavilion, you’ll find restaurants like Thip Samai Pad Thai Pratu Pi inside the Grains Pavilion designed by Korakot Aromdee. Rice is considered to be the foundation ingredient of noodles used in pad Thai too. Pad Thai Thip Samai is the first pad Thai store to maintain their recipes, quality and good taste for over 79 years. A special menu at ICONSIAM only is Pad Thai of 9 Friends (9 different vegetables are included) and Pad Thai of 3 Friends (3 different mushrooms are included). Of course, you will also find signature menus like pad Thai with shrimp fat paste here without having to wait in long lines.

Thip Samai Pad Thai Pratu Pi

The next restaurant in the Dining Pavilion with bamboos by Korakot is Lay Lao, a Thai restaurant with ingredients fresh from Hua Hin. Following their cooking philosophy of “What we cook at home is what we serve at our restaurants to customers,” their outstanding concept is to use fresh ingredients from Hua Hin, sugar from Petchburi, smoke-free charcoal to reduce cancer-causing side effects and chilli and roasted rice that are made fresh every day. Every element to create each dish is meticulously cared for.

Signature dishes to try here include sea squid eggs, sea crab spicy salad, fried grouper with sour sauce. All these seafood menus use fresh ingredients ensure rich tastes that go fantastically with a hot plate of rice.

Lay Lao

Other Thai restaurants at the Dining Pavilion are Mae Sri Ruen and Luk Kai Thong. The Chinese restaurant Grand Palace is famed for their dim sum and Peking duck, while you can also find famous Korean restaurant Bibimbab, Japanese restaurant Sushi Den and premium salad store like Farmfactory.

Luk Kai Thong
Sushi Den
Grand Palace
dim sum
Peking duck

The area surrounding the Dining Pavilion also sees many other international eateries such as everyone’s favorite Korean fried chicken store like Bon Chon or tonkatsu store with unlimited vegetable refills like Tonkatsu Wago. Here, you’ll also find the largest international buffet in Thailand with over 400 seats at CP-HiLai Harbour, which serves seafood, Western food, sushi, Chinese food, Thai food, desserts, etc.

CP-HiLai Harbour

If you’re up for a shabu buffet, head over to Mo-Mo Paradise, which has countless options to choose from for everybody. There is also a Yayoi unlike any other branch. This flagship store is the first and only in Thailand to serve premium sets and is also the first branch of Yayoi to have a sushi bar that makes every piece of sushi fresh. Or if you feel like Indian food, on the 6th floor you’ll find Masala Art serving authentic Indian food with lots of spices.

Masala Art

On the 6th floor you will also find Yuzu Ramen and dessert cafes such as After You, Cake Code, Bake a Wish, Yakun Kaya Toast, Kane Mochi, Dolce Sorbetto and drink stores like Kamu, Cha Tra Mue and bubble tea store from Taiwan Good Day Good Time.

This stupendous variety at the Alangkarn Zone make it the ultimate dining destination for every gender or age group, because no matter what style or how heavy you want to dine, there is definitely something for everyone. Coupled with the stories behind the interiors behind this zone, you’ll be dining in a Thai atmosphere that is contemporary and beautiful, making food for the eyes to make any meal an impressive memory.