Dining on 4th

4th Floor

For those who love to eat, nothing is possibly better than finding restaurants offering delicious sweets and savouries that are all in one same place. ICONSIAM has selected popular and quality restaurants from Bangkok into the mall, as well as Food Republic, which has countless eateries offering a myriad of dishes at the Dining on 4th zone on the 4th floor, so everyone can have a fun dining experience.

The first establishment is a famous restaurant and bakery, S & P. Their food and pastries are very popular, especially the butter cake, cookies with flavours such as milk, pandan and coffee, and cream cakes with a tightly packed body that is signature to S & P. It’s been a favorite for every gender and age group for a long time and it’s no surprise that the brand’s slogan is “Only delicious food with this name.”

S & P’s savoury dishes which stand out no less than their dessert include the Pad Thai with large shrimps. The noodles have been stir-fried with prawn fat for a pleasant aroma and are served with a fresh, large, river shrimps. Flavour is further enhanced with dried shrimps and crab meat. If you aren’t a fan of noodle dishes, there is also the Shrimp paste with fried rice as another option. The chef fries fresh shrimps with the chilli paste and until the jasmine rice is shiny. Served with salted egg, Japanese cucumber and lime.

S & P

The next menu is a Thai fusion: Fried rice with salmon and soft omelette. The restaurant has selected a special kind of jasmine rice to be stir-fried with the chilli paste, which is served with the soft omelette and Norwegian salmon, carefully grilled for a slightly crispy skin. The last dish is recommended to be enjoyed with a hot plate of rice. The Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts sees the chef marinating the chicken with their secret recipe, before it is fried to perfection with large, salty and crunchy cashew nuts.

Pad Thai with large shrimps
Shrimp paste with fried rice
Fried rice with salmon and soft omelette
Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts

The next restaurant in the Dining on 4th zone is especially for buffet survivors. It’s a favorite among Thais and is the real deal when it comes to grills. Bar-B-Q Plaza offers fresh meat, vegetables and other ingredients that come straight from the central kitchen so that everyone can enjoy fresh food of the same sanitary standards. Their all-time popular menu is the Family mixed set, Special mixed set and Miso pork set.

Bar-B-Q Plaza

Besides sets, their aromatic garlic fried rice is also very popular, while their tantalizing fried gyozas are not to be missed.

Another buffet restaurant in the Dining on 4th zone is Evaime Shabu Shabu. This grand buffet from Taiwan stands out for their high quality ingredients of great variety, such as pork, beef, marinated pork, special pork, meatballs, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, beef dumplings, Mama noodles, glass noodles, udon, grounded pork, and grounded beef. Don’t miss their spectacular dishes such as pork and beef selections that are 1 meter long and can be displayed across the wooden trays or large Hokkaido crabs!

Evaime Shabu Shabu

The shabu experience here promises a load of fun as you can pick and choose from a clad of soups and sauces. There are a total of 9 different soups and 11 flavourful sauces. The restaurant’s secret chilli sauce is their signature, but other sauces you can have fun tasting make this buffet no boring affair.

This last store at the Dining on 4th zone is sure to strike the fancy of teens and fans of bubble tea. Seoulcial Club is a famous bubble tea cafe with special recipes directly imported from Taiwan that many may know under the name Fire Tiger. The atmosphere at this branch is super cute and will definitely get you likes for photos on social media. There’s both a green zone that gives off jungle vibes that is decorated with tiger plushes that look like the real thing, as well as a sweet pink zone filled with flowers.

Seoulcial Club
Fire Tiger Milk Tea

The whole menu line-up is available at ICONSIAM, be it the Fire Tiger Milk Tea, their signature tea which gives off whiffs of burnt sugar or The Crown. The bubble tea with jelly offers a chewy treat that’s fun to sip on. The Majesty Fire Tiger Cheese is a new menu that has brown sugar pearls, brown sugar jelly, soft pudding and is topped with cream cheese and bits of crispy cheese. Lastly, Fire Tiger Milk Fire Milk uses fresh milk which has been imported from abroad.

Besides these 4 eateries, Dining on 4th will also launch Food Republic soon. The food court will be home to more than 10 delicious stores all in one place. If you’re looking for a casual meal to enjoy with family in a relaxing atmosphere with lots of options to choose from, Dining on 4th on the 4th Floor of ICONSIAM is ready to serve you.