Tasana Nakorn

6th Floor

Over 2,000 square meters on the 6th floor of ICONSIAM is home to “Tasana Nakorn Terrace,” the newest dining zone with a vantage point that lets foodies enjoy a chill ambiance surrounded by stunning views of the Chao Phraya River like you’ve never seen before. This zone comprises of 2 popular restaurants and semi-outdoor bar which are Fallabella River Front and HOBS.

Fallabella River Front

Fallabella River Front is a restaurant that brings Thainess together with Italian touches perfectly. What’s special for this branch at ICONSIAM is their collaboration with various craft beer producers across Thailand, which means everyone can have a taste of good drinks all available in one place.

The food at Fallabella is exceptional and of great variety, be it the Worcestershire-Marinated Medium Frank Steak Sliced, which uses premium beef that is marinated in a sour sauce and grilled to semi-cooked perfection. Cold Angel Hair Pasta Prawn Truffle and Caviar sees angel hair pasta tossed with aromatic truffle oil and is served with prawn and caviar for a delightful combination.

Fallabella Rustica Pizza is the restaurant’s signature closed pizza that every table orders and Pasta Nai-Yai Talay Thai Crab Meat Angel Hair Pasta House Shrimp Pasta & Armagnac Truffle is a delicious pasta stir-fried with massive chunks of crab, angel hair pasta, chilli and garlic. A must for lover of carbs.


HOBS is another place well suited to relax during the evenings and to socialize with friends. Besides the gorgeous views and good atmosphere, the drinks are famed and there are lots to choose from.

A dish we’d like to recommend you to order to enjoy with your drinks is the Keemao Seafood Spaghetti which is pleasantly flavourful and filling with large shrimps and mussels. A good menu to snack on is Crispy Amaebi, which is their most popular appetizer served with a rich cocktail sauce. We’ll conclude with Belgian Fries that come in large pieces for you to much on. Add a dab of salt and enjoy them while still hot. It also comes with 3 dips: mayonnaise, pesto sauce and aioli sauce.

For those looking for a place to hang with friends after work, come indulge in delicious food and drinks under this magical ambiance at Tasana Nakorn Terrace 6th floor, ICONSIAM. This zone is open from 10.00 – 24.00.