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SOOKSIAM is the ultimate destination for both Thais and global gastronomes looking to browse for the best of Thailand, be it arts, crafts, medicine, local wisdom or folk performances. Most certainly, it is also the hub of delicious foods from all 77 provinces across Thailand.

SOOKSIAM is made up of restaurants that are distinctive and famed from various locales from all regions. There are some eateries that are here for good, while others are on rotation basis so foodies from around the world have something new to get excited over all year round.

Restaurants that represent the Northeastern region are Siam Nam Nueng, which uses recipes by Grandmother Wee and Grandfather Tuan. The Vietnamese refugees made their living by selling nam nueng at Nong Khan province, using only fresh, clean and tasty ingredients. Teerawongs Farm Cafe uses Japanese melons that are certified to be free from any chemicals according to European standards to make countless delectable menus such as melon split, melon smoothie and melon ice cream. Another Isan restaurant is Phutai Gai Yang, an authentic Isan restaurant of Phutaiwaritchaphum origins from Sakon Nakhon province which has been awarded with the “Shell Chuan Chim” recognition to guarantee its tastiness.

Siam Nam Nueng
Phutai Gai Yang

Besides authentic Isan delectables, you will also find that the area is decorated to emulate going on a holiday in Isan. There are Phi Ta Khon ghosts by famous Thai artists such as Chira - Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, as well as lanterns and spider webs made of Kao Ma textiles. This fabric is one of the distinguishing elements of Isan culture and a step into this zone really is like visiting the Isan region.

The restaurant that represents the central region is Pad Thai Aree. Here, every dish is made fresh and the restaurant focuses on selecting the finest ingredients, such as salted turnips from a famed Ratchaburi store, dried shrimps that have not been colored from Mahachai and fresh shrimps from their own farm. Guaranteed delight in every dish. Besides savouries, there are dessert stores too like Rose Sawan. The Thai sweets here are authentic and have been made by a group of housewives in communities in Pathum Thani province.

Pad Thai Aree
Rose Sawan

People can search for their delicious bites from the Central region amid a floating market atmosphere that SOOKSIAM has created. Check out savouries and sweets that are sold on boats just like the ones at floating markets. The difference here being there’s air-con and it’s convenient to walk around. No more woes about being under the scorching sun.

Khao Soi Lamduan Faham

is from the Northern region. This famous khao soi restaurant with recipes from Chiang Mai have developed their recipes from the original by Haw Chinese locals whom started out with large noodles with a soup with chilli. It has transformed into a curry soup with coconut milk that is seasoned with curry powder and various condiments have added to create its pleasing appearance today. Northern food from various provinces are also on rotation all year around, be it sai oua, pork cracklings, pork laab and gaeng ho.

The Northern region is decorated to evoke the real thing, as there are contemporary art pieces that showcase Northern culture, be it the Lanna tunnel, which was inspired by Wat Umong at Chiang Mai or the umbrellas which have been fashioned into ceiling mobiles. There are also statues of Nagas on the staircase here.

Let’s head down to the South. A popular hit from this zone is Namcha Bang Bao, a famous tea and roti store from Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Their teas and rotis are divine. As for Kua Ped Trang, authentic Southern fare is made with local ingredients from the region, such as Southern chilli pastes and liang leaves from Chumporn Garden to meticulously season all dishes.

A walk through this zone feels like a walk through a commercial district in the South because all buildings are build in a Peranakan style, or what Thais may know as Sino-Portuguese. You’ll also see kolae boats parked by ponds to illustrate the seaside feels that is signature to the South of Thailand, as well over 10 large kites made by kite conservationists from Yala that decorate the ceiling.

Have a taste of happiness with savouries and sweets from all regions of Thailand without having to trek to all 77 provinces today at SOOKSIAM, G floor ICONSIAM.